Our Projects

Our projects make us proud


We are constantly invited to high schools to share meaningful insights with students. While communicating interactively with students we give some lectures focusing on following topics;

  • How to create structured presentation 
  • How to present professionally and confidently
  • How to write scientific papers with proper way of citation



We successfully consulted many companies from various fields and industries. As competent and passionate consultants gather and form a team for every specific projects, we are able to provide customized solutions according to your agile business situations. Our main fields are followings;

  • Business
  • Sustainability
  • Marketing and Sales



Karlsberatung is always up for challenges and new opportunities to expand our horizons. Thus, we are also supporting NGOs and associations beyond schools and companies. Take advantage of our international consultants as we provide incisive and acute problem diagnosis and innovative solutions. 

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