As a future member

What to know before applying

Down below are the most commonly asked question by new candidates:


KarlsBeratung e.V. (KarlsConsultancy) is a student consultancy originated from Karlshochschule, and while we are counted as an initiative of Karls, we are also our own legal association (eingetragener Verein). 

Our mission is to create opportunities for real and practical working experiences for our students, where they finally can put their theoretical knowledge to use, and we have been doing this for some year now. Members can participate in different projects for companies and NGOs in multiple fields such as social media marketing, business development, strategy creation, consultancy and others.

Member can also participate in internal projects organized by the different departments at KarlsBeratung.

You can be a member of us at anytime as your interest arises. 

Write us an email if you would like to be part of Karlsberatung. Then, we will send you the application form that has to be gone through. 

We expect new members to participate in the organization for the minimum of six months, as this is sufficient time for the completion of at least one company project.

As for the maximum duration, as KarlsBeratung is a student organization, you may be part of us until the end of your studies.

We expect committed, motivated and independent students curious to know more about the world of consulting and who wish to gain some practical experience before entering the job market.

Students from all courses and subjects can apply to us. Our working language is English.

We request from our members a 5€ association fee every semester for registration and administration costs.

It depends on the project. There were certainly many projects that members were get paid. In any situations, we issue the certification of your work through HR team so that you can use it when you search for a job after your study.

This answer varies widely, depending on which projects and attributions you might be working on. Without working on any external projects, you are expected to contribute about 2 hours weekly for different tasks. When working on external projects, weekly contribution hours might reach up to 10 hours.

You can find the internal organization structure in the graph below.