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Sven Lohmeier

#1 Board Member and Head of Law and Finance Department

Sven is an International Business student from Ludwigsburg, Germany. He always had a great interest in marketing and business strategy as well as how to connect doing business with society and people. 

The initial decision to join a student consultancy was soon followed by the idea to take on responsibilities within an organization. In doing so he saw a way of further educating himself and making a change in business practices.

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Mathilde Brattas

#2 Board Member and Head of Human Resources Department

Mathilde is from Oslo, Norway, but have spent the last year in Germany on order to obtain a Bachelor degree, and are currently undertaking a Master’s degree Management.

With a growing interest for consultancy, she decided to take the challenge and step into the role as both head of HR and Board Member. She is both ambitious and hardworking. 


Pranil Kevadia

#3 Board Member and Head of Marketing Department

Pranil is an International Business student from Mumbai, India.

He has great interest in marketing and likes social media. The combination made him apply for Karlsberatung. He thought it was a perfect opportunity for him to put his interests into practice.


Thor Rodrigues

Head of IT and Service Department

Thor is an International Relations student from the sunny Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.

Besides his interest in politics, he always had a liking for computers, that is why he saw a perfect opportunity to employ his skills and work with something he is passionate about on the IT department at KarlsBeratung.